Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Magic The Gathering Card Box

My oldest son recently discovered "Magic The Gathering".   I really liked my D&D dice box, and thought perhaps I could make a card box for MGT decks, based on the D&D dice box.

Here is the outcome:

Once you open the box, there is room for a 60 card deck (with a few extra cards).  Unfortunately, the price label of the MDF was on the reverse side when I cut this, you can see it in the living hinge.  It's not too bad, since this is just a prototype, and I will eventually cut it with nicer wood.

You can remove the left hand side to easily slide the cards out of the box.

There is also a small hidden compartment at the bottom of the box.

If you open up that compartment, there is room for a 15-25 card "side deck".   MTG players can substitute cards from the side-deck into their main deck between rounds.


  1. Hi Ben, I've come across your work via glowforge community site and been entranced with your designs and builds in your blogs. In the box above I love how the wood is able to bend to form the curves. What are the details of the cut/scoring you used and material exactly?

  2. With the GF, I now use the default settings for Draftboard for MDF. They seem to work pretty well.

  3. My question is, are you selling the pattern or do you have it available for free? I am trying to find a nice card box for my grand to make for her dad with me at the lab. If not this one, can you suggest a good place to find something suitable? I am new to the laser cutter so I am looking for patterns at this point. I figure eventually I'll make my own, but for the time being I am happy to use other people patterns if allowed.

    1. same, would love a box like this!! free or not

  4. Designs are all free.


    Look under "Boxes with Flex".

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  6. Except Ben added some very nice touches to make it more aesthetically appealing and user friendly :) Great work!