Thursday, 9 April 2015

Back to miniature terrain

I'm back to designing miniature terrain pieces.    I wanted some pieces that are easy to setup and take down quickly.  I decided to do a small village, with bridges between the houses.

This time, I started with the "packaging" design.   I made a "shipping container" type box, and then designed houses that could be stored within that box.

Here is the packaging.

When you open it, there are all the pieces to make several houses. 

Here are the houses assembled.  There are many different ways to put them together.

Some sides have ladders.

There are bridges from one house to another.

The sides of the houses, can either be doors, large doors, windows, or plain.

Of course, you don't have to make a village with them.  You can do like my daughter does, and stack all the houses together into one large tower.

To each his own!   Note that I used wood stain to change the color of some of the panels (just as a test).

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  1. This is absolutely spectacular! Do you sell any of your designs? I run tabletop wargames at conventions and this would be spectacular for my demo tables. Space and storage are always at a premium, so something this compact and versatile would be perfect for the events I run.