Thursday, 29 October 2015

Miniature Terrain - Industrial Complex

I started cutting some of the designs I previously created.   I got through most of the industrial complex, but I only finished 3 of the 4 cut sheets.   I put together what I did manage to cut and I'm happy with how it's coming.

My sons played with it, and made a "scene" where the space marines are defending from the Tyranids.   The general at the top did not notice what's behind him.

We added a "speech bubble" to the image using PowerPoint.    They liked making this scene so much that I suggested they make a stop-motion movie using this setting.   We'll see if they make one.   If they do I'll post it here.

I'll also post an update once I've cut the whole thing.

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  1. Hey there, is there any chance you can share this project in cdr/svg/eps format, here? Thank you