Monday, 25 August 2014

Landing Pad Legs

Here are the legs for the landing pad in SketchUp:

And here is the full model with the legs, top and bottom view:

Once I have it all modeled in SketchUp, one of the big challenges is converting that to a file I can actually cut using the laser cutter.  

What I usually do is "flatten" each component in SketchUp, and then place them on a flat surface that is the size of one sheet that I can cut (12" x 24").   In this case, I ended up with three sheets (one of which would be cut in thicker material for the inlay):

Once I have this in SketchUp, I save it as a PDF and then import it into InkScape, where I can change the line thicknesses, make some adjustments and re-save it as a PDF for printing (cutting).

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