Monday, 11 August 2014

Stacking and Painting

I made some more elements.  They are round columns.  

I made them by stacking 16 cut slices on top of each, with a center rod to align them all.  I assumed that 16 x 1/8" would give me 2" tall columns.

But, in actuality, they are about 1/16th off from 2" (I guess they are not that precise when saying that the material is 1/8" thick).   Which is not bad if you are using them on their own, but could cause a problem if you use them with a bunch of other elements that are all exactly 2" tall.   So I probably won't be doing that method again.

I also painted them to try different paints.  I used the following paints:

The one on the left is unpainted.  The two others have Rust-Oleum Primer first, then the one in middle got a blast of the Accents Stone paint.   The one on the right got a few spritz of the Satin Fossil paint.

I prefer the Satin Fossil one, it seems to have more shadows on it, although they are both nice.

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