Saturday, 27 December 2014

Turtle Gear and Hypno Gear

The next 2 gears I made are small ones.  Only 6 teeth each.

First, I have the "Hypno-gear".  Don't look at it too long, when it turns, it hypnotizes you!

The other one, is the "Turtle Gear".

Because of their size, I did not have to make these in multiple parts.   They actually fit in the 12x24 laser bed.  So these were a little faster to make.   Although the turtle one had a LOT of small parts.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Zodiac Gear

I designed and cut the next gear.   It is a 12 sided gear.    While I was designing it, I thought "What interesting slant can I do with the number '12'?"  My first idea was "there are 12 months", so I could do something with seasons.  

But then in a flash, it came to me...the Zodiac Signs!   So I made a Zodiac Gear.   Here it is:

You can see some of the details in the following pictures.   Each tooth of the gear represents a different Zodiac Sign.   You can symbols for each, as well as it's constellation.

In the center, there is a "sun".

I think this is my favorite gear up to now.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Magic The Gathering Card Box

My oldest son recently discovered "Magic The Gathering".   I really liked my D&D dice box, and thought perhaps I could make a card box for MGT decks, based on the D&D dice box.

Here is the outcome:

Once you open the box, there is room for a 60 card deck (with a few extra cards).  Unfortunately, the price label of the MDF was on the reverse side when I cut this, you can see it in the living hinge.  It's not too bad, since this is just a prototype, and I will eventually cut it with nicer wood.

You can remove the left hand side to easily slide the cards out of the box.

There is also a small hidden compartment at the bottom of the box.

If you open up that compartment, there is room for a 15-25 card "side deck".   MTG players can substitute cards from the side-deck into their main deck between rounds.