Saturday, 24 January 2015

Window Screen

We have an interior window in our bedroom that gives onto the stairwell.  We put it there so that the light from the stairwell goes into our bedroom.   In order to have some privacy, we decided to frost it.   We did it with a "spray".  I always found that it did not do an even job.   It bothered me.  Laser-Cutting to the rescue!  I decided to add some decoration to it.  

The window is about 25" x 108".  I wanted a screen that looked like this:

I designed it in SketchUp, and divided it into 30 or so pieces to cut.   The screen is two 1/8" layers stacked on top of each other.   The divisions are made at different places in each layer, so that when they are glued to each other, they form one large screen.

Once cut and put in place, it looked like the following.   It looks especially good when there is light shining on the other side. 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

3D Architectural Model

I really like this architectural art that I found on Pinterest.

I would love to do something similar, but using our house as a model.   So here goes nothing...

I started with a picture of our house.   It looks like this:

I imported it into a drawing application, and added some hand-drawn lines.  I then started with the bottom right basement.   I designed each room in sketchup individually.   Each room has 3 layers of 1/8 in mdf.

Here is the basement, I started with.

  I then did the right hand side of the house.

I continue like this, adding lines to my drawing, and then modeling it in Sketchup.

Here is the landscaping around the house.

Once, I modeled everything, I converted each layer to a flat image, and ended up with a whole bunch of cut files that looked like:

Once I cut it all, it looked like the following:

So I now have the base of the artwork.  I now want to cut little people and put them all over.   Stay tuned.