Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Guess who's back

It's been a while since I've posted.   But I now have my GlowForge and I'm going to try and start adding content again. 

I'm making some new YouTube videos, and I'll post some free files here when I can.

1 comment:

  1. Hi.. only just discovered your blog, and really enjoyed your back catalog of lasered goodies. Love it all. Can appreciate the huge amount of work that went into it. Following in your footsteps having started dabbling with a maker space cutter, I recently got my own laser. Glowforge looked good, but its reliance on internet contact put me off. I hope its serving you well, but the gap since last blog makes me wonder how it went. Would love cityscape and industrial game terrain files if you are willing to share. What you have shared already has tickled my brain and causing inspirational ripples all the way over here in Australia. thanking you kindly. Contact welcome via email on geordiemcrobert@gmail.com